By Montana Grant

Posted: December 31, 2022

This article is about the losers that have ruined hunting and fishing for us honest and sporting outdoorsmen.

It is hard enough getting access to private land without having to overcome the stupidity of others. Shooting up signs, cutting fences, trespassing, poaching, stealing, leaving trash and carcasses, are not the way you say thank you for access.

I would also ask new landowners to consider allowing sportsmen access. The wild waters and critters are not yours. They belong to all of Montana. The problem is that once they cross your fence, you slam the door shut. At least allow access to the public State Lands that are often landlocked in your holdings.

Most sportsmen would gladly return the favor with a variety of tasks. We can plant trees, help with farming, build you whatever, help in any way we could. It’s not just about money. Sure, an Outfitter can drop a bundle of cash on your lap for access. Then they take all the trophies and do as they choose. They are surely not interested in the care and quality of your land and water. If the hunting and fishing gets lousy, they drop the bundle of cash in another landowner’s lap.

When real, and honest sportsmen knock on a landowner’s door, we hear the same story. Such and such did this or that and poached, and left the gates open, and dumped trash, and shot up my signs and barn.

Those idiots were not sportsmen. That’s why they are called poachers, litterbugs, and losers. Real Sportsmen are advocates and Stewards of your land. While they are on the land, they are protecting it. Hunters and fishermen can share in the responsibility and ownership in your land and waters. Pick up the trash, don’t leave it.

When a landowner gave me access, it was an invitation to be friends. That meant gifts at holidays, planting trees, cutting firewood, gifts for no reason, shared harvests, invitations to my home, and a sincere thank you!

So, when you make a resolution for this New Year, maybe consider how your actions impact others. Consider sharing access and becoming a true sportsman.

Thanks for being a Sportsman!

Montana Grant

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