Photographer Melissa Shelby and the Idaho Sled Dog Challenge

Montana musher takes 2nd at Warm Lake Stage Race in Idaho
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: January 28, 2023

The results of the new Idaho Sled Dog Challenge event for mushers new to the sport or running new sled dog teams — the Warm Lake Stage Race that took place Wednesday and Thursday — are in. McCall, Idaho, musher Kevin Daugherty took first place, with mushers Ryan Roberts from Stevensville, Mont., and Craig Anderson from Enterprise, Ore., capturing second and third place, respectively.In one of many family connections at the Idaho Sled Dog Challenge this year, Roberts raced against his wife, Jana Roberts, who came in fourth place. (Father and son Rex and Bryce Mumford from Huntsville, Utah, and Preston, Idaho, respectively, are competing in the 300-mile race, and brothers Dallin and Wade Donaldson from Coalville, Utah, are vying in the 100-mile race.)

Photos: Photographer Melissa Shelby and the Idaho Sled Dog Challenge

The final race standings for the inaugural 52-mile Warm Lake Stage Race are:* 1st place — Kevin Daugherty (McCall, ID), Bib #7, 4:15:39 completed time, 10.33 mph average* 2nd place — Ryan Roberts (Stevensville, MT), Bib #3, 4:25:21 completed time, 9.95 mph average* 3rd place — Craig Anderson (Enterprise, OR), Bib #2, 4:30:48 completed time, 9.75 mph average* 4th place — Jana Roberts (Stevensville, MT), Bib #4, 4:35:14 completed time, 9.59 mph average* 5th place — Maddie Longpre-Harrer (Calumet, MI), Bib #1, 4:41:36 completed time, 9.38 mph average* 6th place — Jane Devlin (Bend, OR), Bib #6, 4:50:00 completed time, 9.10 mph average* 7th place — Liz Nevills (Middleton, ID), Bib #5, 5:23:46 completed time, 8.15 mph average

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