Mr. CHIPS!!!
By Montana Grant

Posted: January 7, 2023

Montana windshields are rock pocked with chips, scratches, and dings from gravel along our roadways. Finding a perfectly flawless windshield is next to impossible. Small rocks, and debris, get picked, flicked, and thrown at our windshields constantly.

Some of this gravel ends up on the roads naturally. Some are spread along the highways to melt ice and improve traction. No matter how the gravel arrives, it is a constant problem for glass, plastic, and metal.

Last week I shuttled some friends to Kellogg Idaho to pick up some new trucks. Their GMC duallys were Montana ready. On the road trip back, it seemed like my windshield was a target for every piece of gravel on the interstate. Look Out Pass is never friendly. One big chunk finally scored a bullseye and made a big ding dead center in my windscreen.

It was time to contact a chip repair man! The insurance company referred me to “CHIP, CHIP, AWAY!” Jerry Faechner, Mr. Chip, also a fisherman, showed up on time and prepared to deal with the ding. Most January days are cold, so he asked that I park the truck facing the sun. He also used magnifiers and other tools to add pressure and heat to the ding site. I asked Jerry how we can avoid getting dings and what to do if a ding shows up.

So, what do you do if you get a Big Ding on your windshield?

                Don’t Tailgate    Stay back a few car lengths from vehicles ahead of you. Drive defensively and try to avoid flying rocks. Rocks get launched when vehicles swerve and hit the berms or off the main road edges. Trucks hauling rock and gravel, or dirt moving equipment, are likely to drop gravel that will bounce into your ride.

Do nothing    No action will simply encourage the small ding to spider into a huge thing. Now you will need a windshield replacement.

Cover the Ding    Use some packing tape or windshield stick on tape to protect the ding. You need to keep the moisture out of the ding. If moisture gets in and freezes, the ding will become a bigger thing.

Get the ding fixed asap    the longer you wait, the bigger the ding thing will become. It needs to be secured before the ding spiders and creates cracks. Expansion and contraction due to temperature changes will quickly encourage spidering.

Immediately call your insurance company.     Almost all insurance will accept a fair and quality windshield repair. They would prefer a smaller bill to a big windshield replacement expense.

                The Chip Repair man can do the job where and when it is convenient for you.    Jerry came to my house. 30 minutes later the chip ding was no longer a thing. My insurance company, Safeco, accepted the charges. My agent Jessie Smith was superb and supportive.

Montana is better looking when you are looking through a clear, clean, and crack less windshield.

Deal with the Dings!

Montana Grant

For a quality mobile Chip repair service, contact Mr. Chip! 406-868-8868 or

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