By Montana Grant

Posted: January 8, 2023

Hamburgers are always tasty. Have you ever made burgers from FISH? Sliders are simply small hamburgers. They are easy to make and quick to cook. The only thing faster is how quick they disappear from the serving tray.

You can use any white meat fish to make this dish. I have used trout, Steelhead, and Halibut to make this favorite dish.

Here is my take on fish sliders!

1 ½ pounds of fresh trout/fish filet

1 tbsp of diced red and yellow pepper

1 large egg

Salt/pepper/ Old Bay seasoning

2 cups of breadcrumbs

4 tablespoons of olive oil. My favorite oil is Olivelle Blood Orange flavored olive oil

2 large onions, thinly sliced

1 cup of mayonnaise

1 medium tomato, thinly sliced

1 dozen slider buns/ dinner rolls

You will need to remove the skin and dark meat from the fish filets. Break the filets into fine pieces, by hand. Place them into a bowl and mix with diced bell peppers, egg, and salt/pepper. I also add a bit of Old Bay or seafood spice.

Saute the onions in the oil until golden brown. Season to taste. I sometimes add some diced pepper and tomatoes into the onions near the end, and blend /heat them up. Set this aside while making the burgers.

Dredge the patties into the breadcrumbs, seasoned with the Old Bay. Cover completely and fry about 3 minutes per side. To serve, add some mayo onto the bun, then a pattie of fish burger. Now top with the onions/ tomato and serve immediately. You could also add some chopped lettuce of slaw on top. You can also add a bit of shredded cheese if you wish. This recipe makes 4 servings, so increase the ingredients for as many as you plan to feed.

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Montana Grant

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