By Montana Grant

Posted: January 26, 2023

Derek Wolfe, a retired NFL player, recently killed a Mountain Lion. 

Many of you may know Derek Wolfe as a retired Ravens defensive tackle. The sack master also played for the Denver Broncos. He returned to Colorado after ending his football career due to injuries. He may have been to hurt to play in the NFL but not to stop enjoying the outdoors.

In his Colorado home community, 2 dogs were attacked and killed by a mountain lion. Derek went on the hunt. He tracked the lion and hunted it up and down the snowy mountain. His climb was over 2,500 feet at an altitude of 9,600 feet.

Once he located the mountain lion, he used a bow and arrow to dispatch the dog killer. Once dressed, he threw the beast onto his back and hiked back to town. On the trek, he slipped and fell 10 feet off a small cliff. Derek said this hunt was a real challenge.

Not only did Wolfe kill the Cat, he has a trophy and story to add to his legacy as an extreme athlete and hunter.

Montana Grant

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