By Montana Grant

Posted: February 19, 2023

Family always needs work! Like it or not, there is always something that needs to be addressed to keep a family together and strong. Like a Marriage, constant attention and communication is essential.

Our family has tried to keep our family strong together. We decided to meet for dinner at least once a month to reinforce our family. My daughter called it the Blue Bloods dinner. The tv show, with Tom Selleck, meets for Sunday dinner weekly, without fail.

In real life, weekly might be tough. We decided once a month on a Thursday makes more sense. Our family is not “churchy”, so we wanted to have a meal that would be welcomed by the kids in our family. Everyone helps with the dinner. The kids bring a dessert or salad or… There is no rule to just have dinner at the parents’ home, but it works out that way. We have more time and freedom than the working class.

Keeping the family together means that you always have a team behind you. No one is any more or less important. We are there to always help each other. Life means that things do not always go smoothly. As a team and family, we can help to make everyone happy and successful.

Sometimes a family needs to come together to overcome a family conflict. Face to face contact addresses these issues better than a text, email, or forever silence. If you let a problem or conflict fester, it becomes the norm and never gets better.

Making decisions together, as a family, is important. Everyone has a voice, opinion, and input. A group vote is then accepted and fair. The dinner table is a neutral and positive place to vote.

Sometimes the family may just tell hunting and fishing stories. Family fun memories soon follow. Remember when…

Food has a way of easing problems or enhancing the love we have for our family members. Great food sets the stage for open conversation. You can say grace or not. Just wait for everyone to be seated.

Many families are stubborn and Bull Heads. Waiting for an apology is often part of an issue. If you need to apologize, do it in front of an audience so everyone hears it and you only need to do it once. With your family also sharing in understanding the issue, the problem may be more comfortably resolved.

Set up some simple, agreed upon, rules.  Here are a few examples. No cell phones or TVs at the table. Background music can softly add some ambiance. Everyone needs to be respectful. Feel free to get upset but, finish the meal. Everyone takes turns cleaning up the dinner dishes. Everyone shares in bringing something to the meal.

Every Family needs maintenance and attention. Dinner is a great Fix It One Stop shop!


Montana Grant

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