By Montana Grant

Posted: February 4, 2023

Camping food needs to be fast and filling. The outdoors makes folks hungry. Once we return to camp, the clock is running. Hungry hunters and campers can only wait so long until they need to refuel.

One of my hunting buddies, “Shrapnel”, has no patience when waiting for dinner. He wants it fast, filling, and familiar. Kirk’s favorite camping meal is a Huge can of Hormel Chili and crushed corn chips. All you need to do is heat the can, dump, top, and serve. The camp will be somewhat more aromatic after this fill up, but campers are Fat and Happy.

Other fast meals are huge cans of Beef Stew or Ravioli. Chinese food can also work in a pinch. Heat, top with egg noodles and feast. Premade meals are also a good way to go. Precooked soups, and meals can be frozen and placed into boiling water. Leakproof zip bags allow you to cook fast and have hot water to do any washing or dishes.

Brats and Hot Dogs are great camp meals. Everyone will eat them, and they cook fast. If they are not the main course, you can wrap them in bacon and use them as an appetizer. Ketchup and mustard make for a quick dipping sauce. 

You can cook them over the fire, in a Dutch oven, or wrap them in foil packets. Once the bacon is cooked, so are the brats/dogs. To spice the links up, place some brown sugar and dry mustard in a bowl. Secure the bacon to the link with a toothpick and roll in the rub. In a pinch, a barbecue sauce will also do the trick. Place the heated links on a plate and watch the tooth picked treats disappear.

                Casseroles made using Brats or hotdog links are also fast and fun. You can call them Tube Steak treats or something funny. Try dicing up the dogs and putting them into a Dutch Oven. Add 1 can of drained corn, 4 tsp. of pickle relish, 1 tbsp. of mustard, 1 26 0z. can of Tomato soup. Chop up and precook 3 onions, add a ¼ cup of butter, and throw in  a package of cooked Rotini pasta. Mix and bake. If this is premade, seal it into a zip bag and heat in a pot of boiling water. You can also add any other spices or hot sauce on hand. In 10 minutes, dinner is served. You can also top it with cheese or biscuits for more fun. Sliced jalapenos work well for a spicier crew.

My Polish buddy, Rick, enjoys his Brats. He preboils the brats and places them into a bath of beer, onions, and sauerkraut. Some spices like celery seed, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, or hot sauce can add some more flavor. Let it simmer if you like. Have buns and mustard on the table. Let the feasters feast away. Simple, tasty, and fast. A few bags of chips or a heated can of beans and all will be happy around the fire.

Keep camp food simple and filling!

Montana Grant


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