Lynx recorded eating another lynx
By angelamontana

Posted: February 24, 2023

Interesting to watch a lynx eating another lynx in this footage posted by @colecarden on Instagram:

The wintertime can be incredibly harsh for predators like the lynx, as food becomes scarce and the weather becomes extremely cold. Prey they may rely on in the warmer months have hunkered down for the cold, unforgiving ones ahead and are harder for the cats to source.

This is particularly true for predators that rely heavily on a specific type of prey, such as the lynx’s reliance on snowshoe hares. The population of these prey animals can fluctuate in cycles, making it even more challenging for the lynx to find food.

In areas where hares are not available, lynx resort to hunting other smaller prey like rodents or birds. But those sources of food are less consistent and not as rich in calories, making it harder for the lynx to survive. Eating carrion is also a less desirable option, as it’s not a fresh food and can also be a source of disease.

The harsh winter conditions, combined with the scarcity of food, can take a toll on predators’ health and reduce their ability to reproduce, which can lead to a decrease in their population. Some predators have adapted to these conditions through behaviors such as hibernation or migration, but for those that can’t, survival can be a real struggle during the winter months.


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