NIGHT MOVES! Chillin N Drillin Series #14
By Montana Grant

Posted: February 11, 2023

Night fishing on the ice can be illuminating! If you can stand the cold, you can enjoy some great fishing if you can see what is going on. When you think about the Winter environment for fish, its dark, cold, and darker! Lights will attract fish. Its time get Working on your Night Moves!

Back in the day, we had great night fishing. To add light, we cut a partial hole between the 2 holes that we were fishing. At the bottom of the middle hole, we placed a fat candle and lit it. Next, we used a bucket or piece of foil covered with wood to place overtop the candlelight hole. You need enough space to allow the candle to get plenty of oxygen. If you wanted it brighter, you added more candles.

The fishing holes would glow nicely, so you could see the bites. It also attracted fish to the brightness.

Modern lights offer many more options.

Lanterns    You can do the same thing with a small gas or propane lantern. Create a shallow hole and cover it with a metal bucket. The bucket will also get hot and can warm your hands. Allow more than a couple inches so the lantern does not melt into the lake. The only problem is that this light is white light. A green light is best for attracting fish and keeping your night vision intact.

Glow Stix    These one-time use lights come in green. Simply crack them and add them into the shallow hole between your active fishing holes. Add more glow stix for more light.  Many waterproof glow stix come with a hook on the end. You can hang the hook into the hole and just leave it. Sometimes it gets hung upon the fish though. Hanging a waterproof battery powered submersible light in your light hole works well. No heat, just light. Cover the light hole and watch the ice glow.

Battery camp lights    Battery lights come in all kinds of colors, including green. You can also wrap green cellophane around the light to make the light green. Simply place this light into the shallow hole. If you are in a shanty, simply turn the green light on.

Rod tip lights    If you have tip ups or rods that are spread out, use small green glow light stix on the rod tips. If a fish bites, the rod tip and attached lite will be waving to get your attention.

                Glow Bait       You can also add glo gels/scented to your baits and lures. Carry a brite light to charge up your glow jigs and plastics so they will encourage more bites.

Some species bite better at night. Ling or burbot are nocturnal biters. Other fish, like perch bite early and late. Just because it gets dark does not mean the fishing must end. Check your state for night fishing rules.

Turn the night into the bite!

Montana Grant

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