By Montana Grant

Posted: February 23, 2023

One of my favorite times of the year is when Winter shuts everything down. It’s too cold to do much of anything outside so… I am sure skiers are screaming a different message.

It’s time to restock the fly boxes! First think about what flies you use the most. Let’s say that is a Caddis. Check out your fly box and pull out all of your caddis. Here’s what you will find.

Some caddis are old and falling apart. Others have no hook point or are tagged with knotted leader. Some heads will be unraveling. Some have no hook at all. Separate, clean, sharpen, and fix useable flies. Junkers can go into a separate box as giveaways. Now how many flies are left?

How many Caddis will you need?  Several dozen is not too many. Keep some in your vest box and others in the fly re-armory. Have you r favorite tunes playing in the background. You can also put on a good video that you can enjoy or listen to. John Wayne movies often do the trick for me. I have seen them several times but still enjoy hearing the Duke.

Now it’s time to tie! Clear your fly tying desk and stage just the materials that you need. Scissors and tools are ready. Lay out a minimum of 1 dozen hooks in the size you need. Never tie less than 12. Within these 12 ties you will have some great ones and some crappy ones. Load your box with the good ones and save the #2’s for the Giveaway box.

Once you have tied enough of what you need, pick the next fly that you use the most. Focus on just one fly at a time. Start and finish the tying session. If you do this, you will be ready when the Mother’s Day caddis hatch erupts.

If you do not tie flies, it’s time to learn. Start with a basic kit. Get just the materials for what you want to learn. Choose 4-6 ties to begin. Now, go to the YouTube site and search for how to tie the fly. Fishermen are visual learners. Tie in front of the TV and follow the directions. Use the stop, forward, and reverse on the remote to keep you on target. You will be amazed at how fast you will pick this up.

When you get strained or tired, shovel some snow. Now back to the bench to restock. For experienced fly guys, you will be re-stocked. For Newbies, you will learn how to tie your own and get started.

Fill the fly boxes!

Montana Grant

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