By Montana Grant

Posted: March 11, 2023

Once the weather begins to improve, the trees and bushes along out streams, rivers, and ponds become decorated with bobbers! Observant anglers can reap the annual harvest! 

Several years ago, I fished in the Bighole River during the Salmon Fly Hatch. The big flies are easy to lose and must be cast tight to the bank, from a moving drift boat. As good of a caster as I am, I managed to hang several big bugs in the trees near the bank. Since the boat can’t stop, you can only allow the flies to break off.

A few weeks later, the water level dropped dramatically, and I took a hike along the banks. The bits of leader identified where the bugs had decorated the bushes. On some branches it was like Christmas, as I picked several usable flies off the limbs.

I remember fishing the shad run in the Susquehanna River in Maryland. The trees are laced with line, darts, spoons, spinners, and bobbers. I used my pole pruner to cut off branches loaded with the fruit from other fishermen.

Kid ponds and popular fishing areas are also decorated with bobbers, hooks, and lures. It’s a great idea to harvest the wealth. Birds and other critters can get tangled or hooked in the fishing trash.

The hooks and gear may have some rust but are still good to go. Take a hook sharpener and give the hook point a bit of love. Ta Dah, you have a new lure or gear on the cheap.

Fly fishermen can quickly match the hatch by checking for tree decorations. Whenever I get snagged on a back cast, I take a closer look. Usually, there is another bit of leader and a fly on the same branch. Take a pair of pruners to remove the branch and pick the fruits of your labor.

If you don’t need the goodies, share them with others or kids.

Montana Grant

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