By Montana Grant

Posted: March 16, 2023

We have recently become experts with dogs needing to wear Cones of Shame. This medical tool is needed after pet surgery occurs. Its purpose is to keep the pet from messing around with their surgery stiches or wounds.

My German Shorthairs are both males and in need of neutering. It’s best for them to be neutered after 6 months and before 2 years of age. Most vets suggest that at around one year is ideal.

Our pups Jag and Buddy went to the vet at the same time and had the procedure done. They both need to be inactive and must not bother the incisions. Jag is 1 ½ years old and has left his incision alone. There is no need for a Cone or Donut. He’s healing fine and has not missed a step. Buddy needs the Cone.

The traditional Cone is a large cloudy piece of plastic that is attached with a gauze strip. It’s tied around the collar and encloses the dog’s whole head. It works well but is huge, cumbersome, and acts like a bulldozer blade.

We tried some alternatives. My wife saw a Facebook picture of a collar made from segmented pool noodles. We had an old blue one and tried it out.

We also had some inflatable cones that were decorated to look like a monster donut. It had sprinkles and icing. The collar slips into slots to keep it secure. This looks good but like pool noodles, just did not do the job. Buddy can still reach the incision and lick away.

We also found a Cone that folds into sections of alternating clear plastic and flexible panels. It looks more like a chandelier than a Cone. Buddy can see where is going. The flat panels also fold down so that they do not have the diameter of the more traditional Cones. The collapsing folds allow him to lay flat and be more comfortable.

Most importantly, this style of cone prevents Buddy from licking the wound, which is in his crotch. I am sur that if the dogs had wounds on the front half of their bodies, the other style Cones would work. Anything in the back half is just too accessible.

For most surgeries, the Cone only needs to be in place for a week or so. If the Cone does its job, there will be no infection, open wounds, or return visits to the vet.

Cones of Shame are short term tools that need to work!

Montana Grant

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