By Montana Grant

Posted: March 26, 2023

Hate does not happen instantly. It takes time and repetition. In a relationship, it can end with divorce or perhaps even violence. I once drove by a dumpster with fishing rods sticking out the top. I quickly pulled over and discovered not only a boatload of rods and fishing gear, but several deer heads and other taxidermy trophies. The wife had enough.

Back in the day, one of my go to dates was to take a girl fishing. Everything was outfitted and catered for. Extra patience and care were given to make the day a pleasant and fun one. Later on, it was time to clean the fish and prepare a fine dinner. It always worked like a charm.

Not all women hate their fishing mates all the time. Some women love the freedom of having their partners away and out of their hair. Husbands often return with fish to eat and stories to tell. Moods are better and husbands are happier.

Taking women fishing requires patience and planning. Here are some things to consider if you hope to snag a woman that will truly want to fish with you! These same ideas also apply to training kids, friends, or others.

Don’t start off on the extreme.    A few hours may be perfect, not an entire day. Too long can burn out a newbie before they have a chance to get started. Check the weather. Keep the adventure and risk at a minimum.

                Dress for Success.    Nature can be cruel. Rain, snow, ice, wind or… They can all rain on your parade. Make sure that you have weather appropriate clothing and gear. Once fingers, ears, toes and noses are cold, the trip is over.

                Set the Stage for Success.    Getting skunked, cold, injured, sunburned, or having a bad experience is just not fun. Pick good weather, good fishing opportunities and supply good gear. You don’t have to take them on every outing. For newbies, fishing is also about catching. Pick and plan accordingly.

Hands on Learning please!    Let the guest do the work. Teach the skill then let them master it. Encouragement will go a long way. “You can’t Learn them how to fish, they need to choose to Learn”. They need to tie their own knots, cast for themselves, and bait their own hooks. Help but don’t take over.

Don’t abandon your partners.   Keep your partner safe and provide positive advice and encouragement. Belittling and making fun will drive the trip onto the rocks. Nagging is also the perfect plan to lose a potential fishing partner.

Make the day FUN!!!   If it is not Fun, forget it.

                Snacks, goodies, treats, and refreshments please!    Feed the mind and body. Know the treats and they will learn the tricks. An empty belly leads to an empty stringer.

No cheating, poaching, or breaking the rules and limits.    Integrity and honesty are important. Don’t be a cheater. Follow the rules so that the lessons are learned and followed honestly.

Tight lines, full limits, and boatloads of Fun!

Montana Grant


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