Lolo National Forest Invites Public to Inform Wild and Scenic Rivers Inventory Eligibility
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: March 13, 2023

Missoula, Mont., March 8, 2023—The Lolo National Forest and Plan Revision Team will hold public workshops to begin work on the Wild and Scenic Rivers eligibility study as part of the Lolo’s land management plan revision process in March 2023. 

These interactive workshops entitled Wild and Scenic Rivers Preliminary Inventory will be hosted virtually on the Wild and Scenic Rivers process, the preliminary work the Forest Service has done to prepare, and how the public can submit input during the formal comment period for this process.  

“These workshop opportunities will help the Forest Service hear from the community about which waterways ought to be included in the inventory and how we should look at outstandingly remarkable values” stated Carolyn Upton, Forest Supervisor. Amanda Milburn, Revision Team Leader goes on to say that “By working together, the Revision Team continues to prepare for the Draft Assessment with the perspectives and experiences shared during these workshops. It’s also important we support the people who want to participate in the formal comment period by ensuring they have everything needed to do so in the coming weeks.” 

To help provide meaningful opportunities for the public to be involved in the plan revision process, the Lolo national Forest has partnered with the University of Montana’s Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy, which has a team of experienced facilitators with specialized knowledge of public land management issues and public engagement processes.  

Due to agency COVID-19 protocols and current transmission levels in Missoula, Sanders and Mineral County, these workshops will be offered virtually. Registration is strongly encouraged and can be found on the Lolo Revision Web Hub. Interested participants will benefit from the informational webinar the week prior to learn more about the technical aspects of the Wild and Scenic Rivers process covered in the workshop. The webinar presentation recording along with a summary of questions and answers from the webinar event will also be available on the Lolo Web Hub as well.  

The following Plan Revision Events are offered in March. Refer to the Web Hub for more information on how to attend! 

·         Online Workshop, Wild and Scenic River Eligibility Process on March 14 from 6-8p.m. 

·         Online Workshop, Wild and Scenic River Eligibility Process on March 15 from 6-8p.m. 

·         Online Workshop, Wild and Scenic River Eligibility Process on March 16 from 6-8p.m. 

·         Ranger Chats: Opportunity to discuss the Revision process in person with District Rangers across the five districts of the Lolo National Forest. 


Background on Land Management Plan Revision Process: A Land Management Plan, commonly known as a Forest Plan, is the overarching document that guides the management of a National Forest for approximately 15 years. Land management plans set the overall management direction and guidance; the Plan does not approve site-specific projects or activities. The revision process is expected to take multiple years and will include extensive public involvement. The responsible official is Carolyn Upton, Lolo National Forest Supervisor.  


For more information, please visit the Lolo National Forest here  or on Facebook and Twitter 


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