Organizations collaborate to provide track chair for disabled veteran
By angelamontana

Posted: March 30, 2023

Ah, we will start this article by stating just how much we appreciate every single veteran out there.  We are here because of you.  Thank you.

The Montana Bowhunters Association recently collaborated with other organizations to help Hans Zaglauer, a disabled veteran, get a wheelchair with tracks.  The Vietnam veteran has nerve damage from Agent Orange and was also shot in the shoulder while overseas.  Although bowhunting is not his forte anymore, he does still enjoy rifle hunting and spending time out and about with his grandchildren–which is difficult with a standard chair.

What a great story by the Montana Bowhunters Association and an amazing contribution from the MBA, VFW Post, 4042, The Veterans’ Coalition of Northwest Montana and MonTECH.

It is because of the collaborative effort between the Montana Bowhunters Association (MBA), VFW Post 4042, The Veterans’ Coalition of Northwest Montana (a suicide prevention program), and MonTECH (who provides technology, support, and services that improve the quality of life for Montanans with disabilities) that we were able to obtain a track chair for Hans Zaglauer.

Hans was wounded in Vietnam, shot in each shoulder and for the past several years he has lost his ability to stand or walk due to nerve damage from Agent Orange. He doesn’t have any desire to bowhunt again, but he does do a some rifle hunting with his granddaughters and the track chair will allow him to enjoy our great outdoors here once more in Montana with his grandkids.

Some of the individuals who were instrumental in getting Hans his track chair are Marlon Clapham (MBA Region 2 Representative), Mike Shepard (MBA Director at Large, and a member of VFW Post 4042 and a member of The Veterans Coalition of Northwest Montana) along with other members of VFW Post 4042 Michael Stone, Ron Wenzel, LD Gross, and Doug Shanks who are also members of The Veterans Coalition of Northwest Montana.

Though this effort did not end in a Permit to Modify Archery Equipment (PTMAE) it was because of MBA collaboration with other groups to find disabled bowhunters that we were able to find Hans and to help him once more enjoy Montana’s outdoors.

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