By Montana Grant

Posted: March 19, 2023

Plan on doing something new this hunting and fishing season. Life is to too short to pick just one item from the outdoor menu. Any excuse to challenge yourself and get outdoors is worth doing. Like the guy said, you will never regret the time spent outdoors with family and friends.

Try gobbling up some Spring turkeys. The thrill of calling Gobbler into close quarters for a shot is no easy task. Gobblers can quickly make a fool out of you. There are many skills to learn and perfect. Camping and being afield in the Spring is so much fun and different than the Fall.

If you have never fly fished or fished with a spinning rod, try to tackle a new style of fishing. Personally, I think Fly Fishing is easier than Spin Fishing. The Spring is the best time for trout and other spawning species. Tackling new fish is always fun.

Try some shed hunting! The end of March is when most antlered critters lose their headgear. There is something special about finding a fresh shed. Searching for sheds will take you places that you rarely go. This may also mean some early scouting for other hunts. Make sur that you have permission to access private lands. Some public lands are also closed to shed hunters until a certain date.

Pick some new fishing holes. Maybe take a Trout Trek. Travel, camp, and fish several new places. The first time to new spots is often the best experience. If you have never caught a walleye, Spring is the perfect time. If you have never trout fished, give it a try.

Plan a destination adventure. Maybe travel to Alaska or Canada for some remote fishing. What about a future bow hunt for Caribou or moose. Anything is possible.

If you think that you are a hot shot hunter or fisherman, try taking a Newbie or some kids along. Our next generation of excited and addicted sportsmen will assure that we can hunt and fish in the future.

Every year is one less season to hunt and fish. Don’t waste them.

Montana Grant

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