MT Outdoor Podcast: Small Town that is Huge on Knowledge and Boating Success
By angelamontana

Posted: April 1, 2023

There is a small town in Central Montana that is home to an amazing business that for years has been one of THE leaders in the boating industry and no we don’t mean just in Montana but in the entire United States!!

In this episode of the Montana Outdoor Podcast, we continue our quest to find the knowledge you need to find the right boat for you.  We had the opportunity to spend some time with Dave Juvik of Townsend Marine.  Dave is a fascinating guy with a tremendous amount of knowledge. He is one of those rare guys who started his career in the back of a boat dealership in the service department and worked his way up to the front of the dealership. He is one of the most knowledgeable people in the entire county when it comes to Lund Boats as well as other brands. 

Lund Boats are one of the most popular and iconic brands of fishing boats in the world and believe it or not Townsend Marine located in the small town of Townsend Montana sells more Lund boats than almost any other dealership in America! So, if folks across the country can buy a Lund most anywhere in America why do they come to Townsend Marine? After you listen to this podcast you will know and completely understand the answer to that question. Hint: between Dave and the wonderful owners of Townsend Marine, Chris and Desiree McFadden, the only people that likely know more about boats are the manufacturers themselves!

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Just click here to send an email and or call Dave Juvik and the gang at Townsend Marine.  Also, be sure and click here to take a look at their new and used boats. They have a great website at so be sure and see all they offer from fishing boats to pontoon boats to sterndrive wakeboard boats and more!

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