MT Outdoor Podcast: The Wizard is back to turn your boat into a technological dream come true
By angelamontana

Posted: April 15, 2023

Matt Cowen of Mon-Dak Marine is back for this week’s Montana Outdoor Podcast, and he brought a HUGE AMOUNT of KNOWLEDGE and a MASSIVE NUMBER of IDEAS and PROBLEM-SOLVING KNOW HOW! This podcast is sure to help you find your way into the NEW AGE OF BOATING. Click here to listen to this week’s podcast!

If you listened to Matt on last week’s podcast, you know that he is the owner of Mon-Dak Marine in Glasgow, MT. What you may not know about Matt is he has run his Go Fish Installations on-the-water training business for over 10 years and has helped over a hundred fishermen learn how to operate their sonar and become more efficient in the water.  He works with industry experts to keep updated on the ever-changing electronics world.  Over the past 5 years, he has also offered sonar workshops for Mon-Dak and other regional businesses. 

Why is Matt Cowen so dedicated to knowing all the latest boating technology inside and out and to helping other boaters understand how to work all of it? He saw that over the last several years the boating industry has embraced technology big time, from new navigation and sonar devices to new tech to monitor and operate your boat, to new innovations in finding and understanding how to catch more fish and the list goes on and on. More importantly, though, he saw that there is, however, a major problem with all that, many boat dealers, associated industry professionals and boaters themselves have no idea how to operate all that new technology. What good is all that new technology if you only know a little bit about it? What we learned from this podcast was that the only thing Matt knows more about than boating tech is how to teach others how to use it! He really helped us sort through all the techno noise and pointed us in the right direction. He covered so many important topics that the over 45-minute podcast just flew by and left us wanting more! If you love being out on the water, boating, fishing and just learning how to be a better skipper you will LOVE THIS PODCAST!! Click here to listen to this week’s podcast!

Just some of the topics we covered were things like; batteries, when is it time to switch to a “house battery” for easier AND safer operations? What kind of battery is the best for me? What is a reasonable budget to get into having a nice complement of technology on your boat? What about the latest electric trolling motors, does that new self-deploying thing even work? How can I get all my tech to talk to each other and work together for me?  And the knowledge just kept flowing! This is great info you need to know, not to mention it is just flat fascinating stuff! Listen to this Podcast and you might just find a way to make your boat work better, find more fish and make you a bit of a wizard yourself! Click here to listen to this week’s podcast!

After listening to this Podcast, you might just have some questions for Matt. You can contact him and even schedule some one on one time out on the water with Matt by clicking here.  To learn more about Matt Cowen and Mon-Dak Marine just click here.  Also, be sure and let Downrigger Dale know what you thought of this podcast by clicking here to email him


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