By Montana Grant

Posted: April 9, 2023

Why do feel so excited about Hunting and Fishing? There are probably many answers that others have but there is one answer that all sportsmen can agree on. Outdoor Sports is about Stress Relief. Fishing, hunting, camping, boating, hiking, biking, skiing, or whatever other activity we do makes us feel better.

Fishing and hunting, and other outdoor sports are about rules, regulations, learning, skills, and just plain having Fun. These are perfect activities for kids and others. If stressed out crazy people would learn how to hunt and fish, they would be a whole lot happier.

Catching fish, tagging a critter, or venturing outdoors is great but the little subtle things are greater.

If life is kicking you in the Butt, make a cup of coffee and sit outside for a sunrise. This will take you out of your routine and help you become more enlightened. Sunsets are also wonderful. Looking at the world from a mountaintop, shoreline, or tree stand are great new vantage points.

The best part about fishing is being there for the bite. Hunters can sit all day for that one moment when a big buck stops by. You can’t put the excitement and feelings into words.

Hunters and fishermen never get too old. The addiction of going afield or afloat is Therapy. We feel better when we come home, even if we get skunked. Missed bucks and lost fish teach us more than the ones hanging on a stringer or meatpole.

There is more to heading afield or afloat than to filling a tag or catching a fish. The simple joy from being outdoors, soaking up the sun, feeling nature, and being with friends is like church for many sportsmen.

Hunting and fishing make us feel better about life, family, work, and the world. Catching some game or fish is just a bonus. It’s funny how when we fish and hunt, our stress disappears. Our focus becomes more about which fly to use or about where to hunt next, than some nagging problem.

Whatever problems that are bringing stress into our lives won’t go away but at least we get recharged, refocused, and relaxed on how to deal with them.

Montana Grant

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