Upper Salmon River Weekly Steelhead Fishing Report 4.25.23
By angelamontana

Posted: April 25, 2023

Last week on the upper Salmon River, the majority of steelhead anglers were observed either close to the Pahsimeroi River confluence or upstream of the East Fork in location code 19. Steelhead angler effort in other areas of the upper Salmon River declined compared to the previous week. Anglers interviewed downstream of the Pahsimeroi River in location code 17 averaged 17 hours per steelhead caught, and anglers interviewed downstream of the East Fork in location code 18 averaged 13 hours per steelhead caught. Anglers interviewed upstream of the East Fork in location code 19 had the best average catch rate for the week at 8 hours per steelhead caught. Additionally, anglers interviewed within location code 19 reported harvesting fewer steelhead than during the previous week, but overall catch totals were higher.

For late April, river conditions were favorable in all areas throughout the week. River flows remained below average, and the river had slightly cloudy visibility downstream of the East Fork and clear visibility upstream of the East Fork. On Sunday, water temperatures ranged from the mid-40s near Stanley to the upper 40s near North Fork. Currently, the Salmon River is flowing at 1,220 CFS through the town of Salmon, ID which is 57 percent of average for today’s date.

As of Wednesday, April 19th, the Pahsimeroi Hatchery has trapped 2,181 adipose-clipped steelhead, and as of Monday, April 24th, the Sawtooth Hatchery has trapped 609 adipose-clipped steelhead.

This will be the last steelhead fishing report issued for the spring 2023 season.

Brent Beller | Fisheries Biologist 1 | Idaho Department of Fish and Game – Region 7

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