By Montana Grant

Posted: May 14, 2023

Most outdoorsmen have a preferred way to build a fire. Different fires have different uses. Some may be for cooking while others are just for heat or looking at. Whatever type of fire you prefer means you need to keep these tips and tricks in mind.

Here are some tips to make your Firepower ignite! 

Kindling must be dry.  Using paper or liquid fuels can spark a fire and burn down the forest. Crumpled newspaper will become airborne as it drifts into the woods. Gasoline will ignite or explode into flames. Select dry twigs or make shavings from a stick.

Keep a safety bucket full of water nearby. A fire extinguisher is also a good idea. Your shovel can also be handy.

Have a pile of wood ready to add to the fire. Gather the wood in the daytime. Never send your kids into the woods to gather wood after dark. It’s easy to get lost and predators may be lurking.

A shovel is a good idea. Take a shovel along to dig a firepit. Keep the dirt to the side in case you need to put out the flames. The shovel is also a good tool to manage and manipulate the fire or gather coals for the Dutch Oven

Mind what type of wood you choose. Not all woods are equal. Some burn fast, slow, smoke. Woods like oak and locust make great coals. Other woods like birch and aspen blow away when you sneeze.

Consider the wind direction when building a fire. You do not want the smoke to waft into your tent or camper. Place the firepit/place a safe distance away from your gear. Avoid building fires over tree roots or old logs. It’s good to dig into the ground to explore flammable issues.

Place big rocks around the fire perimeter. Build the backwall, that is in the wind direction, higher. Keep the dirt from the hole handy.

Cooking fires need to be well away from your tent. Cook down wind of the camp and be bear aware.

Have a Fire Building Challenge!  Limit each participant to just one match. Allow for 10 minutes to gather and prepare to light their fire. The winner gets a S’more goodie bag.

Have a first aid kit handy. It’s easy to get splinters, cuts, and gashes.

Light My Fire!

Montana Grant

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