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Posted: May 24, 2023

HELENA – Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is seeking public comment on several items. Below is a list of public comment opportunities currently open. For more information, including how to submit comments, click on the link provided or visit fwp.mt.gov/public-notices.


Proposed Forest Habitat Improvement and Fuels Reduction Project on Ray Kuhns Wildlife Management Area

FWP intends to prepare an environmental assessment (EA) and conduct scoping on the proposed action to implement a forest habitat improvement and fuels reduction project on the Ray Kuhns Wildlife Management Area (WMA). FWP invites interested agencies, organizations, and members of the public to submit suggestions to assist in identifying potential issues associated with the proposed action and in determining the appropriate scope of the EA. More specifically, public input received during the scoping period will help FWP determine public interest, identify potential issues that would require further analysis, and may provide further insight for refining the proposal or developing and analyzing additional alternatives. FWP will consider all applicable input received or postmarked by the deadline, in defining the scope of the EA. Comments due May 30.


Upper Thompson Connectivity Project Conservation Easement

FWP is initiating public scoping on a potential purchase of a conservation easement in Flathead and Sanders counties. FWP is working with The Trust for Public Land and Green Diamond Resource Company on a proposed project to place 47,907 acres of highly productive timberland in the Thompson River drainage under conservation easement. Comments received from this preliminary evaluation will help FWP determine public interest, identify potential issues that would require further analysis, and may provide insight for refining the proposal or for developing and analyzing one or more alternatives. Upon completion of the preliminary evaluation, FWP will determine next steps, which may include conducting an environmental analysis with additional opportunity for public input or taking no further action on the proposed project. Comments due June 3.


Fish Creek WMA – Wustner Bee Lease Checklist EA

FWP invites public review of the Wustner Bee Lease renewal on Fish Creek WMA. FWP is proposing to renew an existing lease for 10 years. The lease will allow the lessee to place two apiaries in specific locations on Fish Creek WMA no early than June 1 each year, and the lessee will remove them no later than Oct. 1 of each year. FWP does not expect any negative impacts from this ongoing project and recognizes the importance of pollinators on the landscape. Comments due June 3.


Big Spring Creek Conservation Easement

FWP will prepare a draft EA proposing an approximately 2,322-acre perpetual conservation easement in Fergus County near Lewistown. The proposed Big Spring Creek Conservation Easement would provide protection, enhancement and improved public access to a unique and important area of fish and wildlife habitat in central Montana. FWP invites the public to identify any issues and concerns related to this proposal via the public scoping process initiated by this notice. Comments received during this scoping period will help FWP determine public interest, identify potential issues that would require further analysis and may provide insight for refining the proposal or for developing and analyzing additional alternatives. Comments due May 30.


Page Gulch Wild Fish Transfer EA

FWP proposes to transfer westslope cutthroat trout to the fishless headwaters of Beaver Creek southwest of Helena. Fish would be collected from Page Gulch near Stemple Pass. This action is designed to prevent the loss of a unique genetic strain of cutthroat trout native to central Montana. Comments due June 1.


Craig Fishing Access Site (FAS) Overflow Parking EA

FWP proposes the construction of a new overflow parking lot in Craig. The proposed project is intended to alleviate parking issues at the existing Craig FAS and on the streets of Craig where the number of vehicles often exceeds the parking capacity during the spring, summer, and early fall. Comments due June 3.


Havre Field Office Purchase – Checklist EA

FWP proposes to purchase the property located at 21 River Road, Havre MT 59501. For the past 27 years, FWP has leased the current Havre Field Office location at 2165 U.S. Hwy 2, Havre,. At the current field office location, office space, retail space, storage space and shop space are limited, and FWP has outgrown the capacity of the existing facility. Comments due June 1.


Elk Island Wildlife Management Area Land Trade Draft EA

FWP is proposing a land trade within and adjacent to the Elk Island WMA near Savage. FWP and the affected landowner would trade a 1.07-acre public parcel for a 2.61-acre private parcel, respectively. The proposed trade would rectify a survey error that occurred in 2007, prior to FWP purchasing an addition to the Elk Island WMA in 2008. Comments due June 1.

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