MT Outdoor Podcast: Montana’s Outdoors Has a Secret Admirer! Do You Know Who it is?
By angelamontana

Posted: May 20, 2023

So, who is Montana’s secret admirer? This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast Downrigger Dale decided to find out. I guess you could say he was “shocked” when he found out just who it was. As Rigger put it, “I really was shocked, pardon the pun, to find out that such a big company would do something like that! Not because they had to but just because they wanted to. Mainly because they just see it as the right thing to do. 

I suppose you are still scratching your head and wondering, who the heck are we talking about? Well, odds are that many of you do business with them every month. Downrigger spent time with Kim McMahon and Andy Welch on the podcast and they talked about the Missouri-Madison River Fund, which is officially described as a “grant program that is implemented through the Missouri-Madison Comprehensive Recreation Plan. It addresses the ongoing needs for public recreation in the Missouri-Madison Project Area”. Created as a public-private partnership among local government, state and federal agencies, Project 2188 Hydroelectric Project, River Fund grants and our secret admirer’s matching funds are awarded annually for qualifying projects. Now, when we say “secret” we are stretching the truth a bit, as actually it is not a secret. It is just that we, and likely most everyone else have no idea that this corporation has been doing all this wonderful stuff! 

Still not sure who we are talking about? Well, click here and listen to this week’s Montana Outdoor Podcast! This Podcast is packed full of all kinds of great information. In fact, in addition to talking about all the great things this wonderful company is doing that benefits areas all along the Missouri and Madison Rivers from West Yellowstone to Fort Benton and even beyond, Downrigger and his guests also talk about the company’s involvement high up into the Beartooth Mountains and even down the Clark Fork River in Thompson Falls! 

Ok now, no cheating! AFTER you listen to the podcast then you can do the following: If you would like to learn more about the Missouri-Madison Project, click here. To send questions or comments to our guests; click here to send an email to Kim McMahon and click here to send an email to Andy Welch. If you would like to see a listing of all the projects that they and the company have been working on since 2007 click here. This is a VERY impressive list! How many of those places listed there have you been to? Remember NO SPOILER ALERTS by telling your friends who the secret admirer is! Just share this article on your social media pages and send your pals this link!

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