MT Outdoor Podcast: Thinking Outside the Box with Neal Cote
By angelamontana

Posted: May 13, 2023

Have You Ever Felt Like the Only One on the Lake or River That is NOT Catching Anything is YOU?

Well, Get Ready!  Because That is About to Change! FOR GOOD!!!

On this episode of the Montana Outdoor Podcast, we talk to a guy that is known for thinking outside of the box when it comes to fishing. No, he doesn’t do it to be different. He does it because it works! Neal Cote is a true fishing innovator, researcher, and teacher. Downrigger and the Captain had a fascinating discussion with Neal about all kinds of fishing techniques and ideas that really opened their eyes to how to break that catching slump that we all can get into. They also learned about a new term that may sound strange here but once you listen to the Podcast you will get it and you will never forget it either. So simple, yet one of those things you probably have never thought of. It goes like this “Be careful that you don’t get stuck fishing your memories”. Puzzled as to what that means? Click here and listen to the Podcast and get ready to have your mind blown! After talking with Neal on the Podcast Downrigger said, “I feel like I have just been to therapy, and I am looking at fishing a lot differently now”. Does that mean he and his fishing buddy the Captain will get along better on the boat this summer? Ah…Neal is an innovator, not a miracle worker, but it is safe to say they are likely going to catch a lot more fish!

On this week’s Podcast, Neal Cote does not just talk about innovative fishing techniques. He also shares all kinds of great advice on updating your tackle box, rods, and line without breaking the bank and he even gave some great ideas about how to strike up a conversation with other folks out there that will help you collect information to help you find and catch more fish, without annoying the crap out of everyone on the water and the fish cleaning station!

Neal is also a very accomplished fly fisherman and fly-tier. He shared some great ideas, like how to land huge pike with your fly rod…consistently and much more! This podcast is packed fuller than Downrigger’s lunchbox! After you listen if you have questions for Neal, you can click here to email him. You can learn more about Neal Cote, read his blog, get fishing reports, and buy his incredible flies from his company called Bite Me Flies, just click here to do all that! 

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