By Montana Grant

Posted: May 4, 2023

As we get older, we become children again. At age 60, you are allowed to count backwards. This means some of the same childish habits. When we were young kids, nap time was something we fought. When we age backwards, nap time is something we welcome.

After bow hunting for elk since sunrise, my brother and I came across a rock overlook high in the mountains. The sun had warmed the rocks and the view was great. We all cozied up to a warm seat and I called for a big bull. The next thing I heard was the sound of snoring. My brother and I were taking a nap.

Even though we were sound asleep, we both heard a bull squeal a few hundred yards away. “There’s your bull”, I told Curt. He thought I was crazy until I called the bull in front of him at 7 yards! The much-needed nap allowed us to tackle the dressing and transport of his first elk.

Naps afield and afloat are wonderful. An hour of really relaxed sleep can give us energy to tackle the next fish or critter. Mexicans figured this out along time ago. Getting a recharge is important. Be careful if you nap in the bright sunlight. A sunburn could be a problem.

Years ago, I used to turkey hunt near an old, destroyed moonshine still site. Just up the hill from the busted copper pots, was an old oak tree that faced the sunrise. I would sit and call for the morning’s first gobblers to sound off.

I had placed 2 turkey decoys out at 20 yards. As the sun rose, I dozed. Suddenly, I heard a sound and woke up. In front of me were 3 decoys…wait a minute, I only had 2 decoys! The third was a real gobbler in full strut. Before I could get my gun up, the gobbler smelled a booger and flew off.

Sometimes a Nap will cost you!

Montana Grant

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