By Montana Grant

Posted: May 28, 2023

Camping is simple and fun. It is supposed to be about enjoying nature without modern conveniences. Yes, you may need to use an outhouse, there may not be a cell signal, the TV will not fit in the tent, and all of that is ok!

Years ago, I became the Scoutmaster of troop 676 in Bozeman, MT. Little did I know that we would be camping once a month, every month, in tents, outdoors! Tenting in warmer months was fine but winter camping was rough. There was something special about sleeping on the ground listening to nature wake up each morning. With the right gear it was comfortable. We did not have huge RVs, yurts, or fancy gear. Camping was simply Old School and Fun!

The adults in our camps could not be Wussies. We had to set an example for the boys. The adults paired up in our small tents. Our snoring probably kept the bears away.

We appreciated the little things. A great meal over a campfire just tasted better. Making fancy desserts, baking bread, or using food harvested from nature made camping fun and tasty.

Today, many RV’s come fully equipped with TVs, AC, and heaters. Once it gets dark, the generators turn on and the guests rarely go outside. All the tent campers must listen to the hum of their generators and noise of their plasma TVs, instead of the quiet peace of nature.

Roughing It means camping with just what is necessary. You can’t fit much into a backpack. Making do without modern conveniences requires some education. Getting out of your comfort zone is not a bad thing. We can easily become spoiled and lazy. Survival skills are empowering. Doing more with less makes us smarter and more confident campers and outdoorsmen.

Keep it simple!

Montana Grant

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