By Montana Grant

Posted: August 24, 2023

When your life partner, kids, or friends are down in the dumps, sad, cranky, and out of sorts, they send out a message for HELP! They are asking for someone to Please Take Me Fishing! 

Fishing is the cure for so much stress and sadness in our lives.  When we fish, our minds wander away from what has been ailing us. Fishing becomes the focus. You don’t need to catch anything. Fish are just the excuse to escape and relax.

Some folks do yoga, others drink, or take prescription drugs. The best way to treat depression and sadness is to sit along a beach, river, creek, lake, or pond, and simply fish. Escaping life’s problems is that easy. Fishing is just therapy and fun. Kids, adults, family, and friends all love to fish.

If you have some friends with you, the therapy is even better. Conversations are easier when outside in nature. Walls and barriers fall and honest words flow. Good friends often just listen and allow you to vent. Once you have gotten everything off your chest, you can return to fishing.

If you are a lucky fisherman, you may get a great meal out of the day as well. A couple pictures or selfies will remind you about how you enjoyed the day. As a veteran educator, some school days were a challenge. That’s when I would just begin to daydream about spending time fishing.

Fishing is a healthy and relaxing way to rest, relax, recuperate, and feel reely good about yourself!

Untight and relaxed lines.

Montana Grant

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