By Montana Grant

Posted: May 21, 2023

Boating safety is important when on Montana’s rivers, lakes, and waters. Any activity done near or on the water makes safety more of a concern. Drowning, hypothermia, and injury can happen fast. Powered boats make accidents even more of a challenge. A quick change in the weather can do more than ruin your day on the water.

Become a student of your sport! Find a boating mentor to train and teach you the ropes. You can certainly read a book or watch a video but hands on is the best way to learn.

Kids can become excellent boaters with some training and experience. In Montana, kids can operate boats at age 13. They will need.

A Motorboat Operators Safety Certificate

Proof of completing an approved Boating Course

To be accompanied by someone 18 or older. Hopefully that is trained and has boating experience.

It is also important to teach boaters of all ages how to swim. It’s amazing how many boaters lack swimming skills.

To get online training, contact your local MTFWP Regional Office for support. They offer a Home Study Boating Course for Free. Email kylie;kembel@mt,gov for more information.

Local boating clubs also offer great hands-on boating training courses. One course that is very useful is how to trailer and backup/launch your boat. These hands-on courses are wonderful for beginners.

Other online courses include. 

Free Paddling Courses

Boat on Course

Rental Boat Safety

Rental Boat Safety Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Boat US Foundation online Boating Safety Course

Be the best boater you can be!

Montana Grant

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