By Montana Grant

Posted: June 8, 2023

Montana is home to many wonderful and wild things. Folks travel from around the world to see our unique and interesting wildlife.

There are many dangerous and nasty bugs that reside in Montana. I do not mean politicians, lawyers, or non-residents. Big Sky Country is also a dangerous BUG COUNTRY!

Some of our resident bad bugs are also common in other states. Everyone has their own fear, phobia, or interest in bugs. These Ba Bugs can cause death or simply make life uncomfortable.

Most Bad Bugs are responsible for bites, blisters, and irritating symptoms that result from a venomous bite. No one enjoys being bitten by anything. Reaction from these bug encounters varies from mild irritation to severe illness.

TICKS   It’s hard to avoid tick bites. There are several species and all carry diseases that can infect humans and pets with Lyme’s Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, or Bordetella. These illnesses are hard to treat and can take years to overcome.

BLISTER BEETLES    These black beetles secrete an irritating toxin that can get squeezed or secreted onto your skin. The resulting rash and discomfort cannot be underestimated. It takes several days to get past the pain, itching, and irritation.

GIANT WATER BUGS    These aquatic bugs are also known as “Toe Biters”. Not only can they eat baby trout, frogs, and even snakes, they use their large pincers to bite and cut. Swimmers and wet waders beware.

SPIDERS    Black Widows and Brown Recluse spiders are residents in Big Sky Country. Their bites can be fatal at their worst and painful at their least. The pain is immediate and requires medical attention. The Black and Yellow Golden spiders are also painful. The huge females will leave a mark.

MASKED HUNTERS    These types of Assassin Bugs are prowlers of the night. They usually bite victims in their sleeping bags/bedding. The bite looks like a small human bite. They feed on bed bugs, but a sleeping camper will do. The bite is irritating and easily becomes infected.

WASPS     Great Golden Digger Wasps and their relatives can be relentless when stinging invaders. Their nests are often under camper frames, boats, and cabins. When disturbed they sting repeatedly. Their painful stings are memorable.

COW KILLERS     These large bugs are fearless and make a terrible sting that harms livestock and people. Avoid!

MOSQUITOS    These winged blood sucking female insects can cause a host of infections and disease. Dress appropriately and get out the bug spray.

It is important to know the dangers of any new place that you visit. Education is important. Most encounters are easily avoidable with knowledge and being observant. Big Sky Country also has venomous snakes, aggressive bears, mean bison, lions, and many critters and rersidents that are easily irritated.

Beware of the Bugs!

Montana Grant

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