By Montana Grant

Posted: June 18, 2023

Dogs are great family pets. Owners are always looking out for their wellness. Sadly, our pets can require emergency first aid immediately. Dogs are famous for eating almost anything which can lead to choking, electrocution, or personal harm. When your dog stops breathing or is choking, what do you do?

Years ago, I had a German Shorthaired pointer named Liebe. She was a great hunter, but pups are pups. I was working in the driveway and had her on a chain. My job needed an electric extension cord, so I had stretched it out beyond her reach.

Everything was fine until the roaming neighbor’s dog came by. The intruder began chasing my dog and ended up dragging the cord within my pup’s reach. As I was dealing with the neighbor’s dog, I heard Liebe cry. She was down and lifeless. The extension cord was in her mouth.

A few weeks before this event, I noticed a picture that showed how to give a dog CPR. I held Liebe in my arm and began chest compressions. I also held my hands around her muzzle and blew air into her lungs. On the 3rd repetition, I felt her heart start beating. Her only injury was an electric burn on her mouth. Liebe survived to enjoy a long hunting life.

CPR has changed. The chest compressions most likely were enough to start her heart. The entire event lasted less than 5 minutes. Maybe the attached poster can show you how to save your best hunting partners!

Montana Grant

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