The Drummond Rodeo Comes to the Montana Outdoor Podcast
By angelamontana

Posted: June 24, 2023

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast, Downrigger Dale talks to Jeri Delys of the Drummond Rodeo. Click here to listen and see if Rigger can Cowboy Up! Seriously though this is a great podcast that will fill you in on the longest-running rodeo in Montana! This event is so historic that the event itself was inducted into the Montana Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame. Do you know how many years this incredible rodeo has been going on? Listen to the Podcast to find out. In addition to that you will learn a whole lot more about the Drummond Rodeo and why you will for sure want to head to Drummond on Sunday, July 9th and see all the PRCA action. Professional Cowboys come from all over the Country to compete and earn their way to the National Finals Rodeo! This event is so big that it increases the population of Drummond by….well you will have to listen to the Podcast to find that one out. 

Downrigger and his guest also talk about the festivities that go on the evening before the rodeo on the 8th with live music, food and tons of fun! If you want to learn even more after you listen to this podcast you can click here and learn more at the Drummond Kiwanis Facebook Page. CHS Mountain West Co-Op is a proud sponsor of the Drummond Rodeo and helped bring you this special podcast. Click here to find a CHS Mountain West Co-Op near you! If you have questions about the Drummond Rodeo you can click here to email your question or call (406) 880-4080!

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