The Newsman Makes News on the Montana Outdoor Podcast!
By angelamontana

Posted: June 17, 2023

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast Brett French Talks to The Captain and Downrigger about his over 30 years of reporting on Montana’s Great Outdoors. Over the years Brett has written some incredible articles for the Billings Gazette and He talks about some of his favorite stories and the ones he felt made the biggest impact on our outdoors, both good and bad.

Brett also talks about some of the things he feels will be making the news in the future. Will bowhunters have GPS on their arrows? When and where will regulators draw the line on too much fishing technology? Brett and the boys talk a bit about that and a whole lot more. You will also find out about one of the funniest things that has ever happened to Brett when out working on a story. Oh, and Downrigger tells a story about he and The Captain way back in their early days in Radio over 30 some years ago. Spoiler Alert: It was a bit embarrassing for The Captain. Rigger also asked Brett an interesting question, “Brett if you could interview anyone, even someone in the past, who would it be?”. Brett gave a VERY interesting answer! What do you suppose he said? Click here to listen to the podcast and find out that and a whole lot more!

With all those years of reporting on some of the most important news that has ever happened in Montana’s Outdoors Brett French truly has a unique perspective when it comes to what goes on out there under the Big Sky. DO NOT MISS THIS PODCAST!

Remember to always checkout Brett’s articles every Saturday here on and in the Billings Gazette. Click here to read some of Brett’s past articles about Montana’s Outdoors. If you have a news tip, questions for Brett or would like to suggest a topic for him to look into and possibly report on you can email him by clicking here.

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