Tis the YNP Tourist Season: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes
By angelamontana

Posted: June 9, 2023

Here we go again.

Footage posted on social media has Yellowstone National Park officials looking for a man and the person filming as black bear is harassed in the park.  The videos were put on social media and are currently being investigated, according to Mark Heinz via Cowboy State Daily:

“We’re aware of these videos and are investigating. The charge in an incident like this would be a Class B misdemeanor with up to six months in jail and $5,000 fine,” she said.  “The charge/s could include for example disturbing wildlife, disorderly conduct (create/maintain a hazardous condition), and/or approaching wildlife.”

For his own sake, the perpetrator should probably hope that park rangers catch up with him before he decides to take a run at a mature grizzly and become the embodiment of: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Read the full video by Mark Heinz via Cowboy State Daily here.

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