Ward Brothers Walleye Wrap-Up
By angelamontana

Posted: June 12, 2023

What a week at Fort Peck!  The Captain was joined by his brothers and nephew, Jon Ward, along with a few of Jon’s friends, for super fishing and fun times!

Brother Rich Ward from Virginia joined the walleye 30-inch club on the last day of fishing. Brother Pat Ward from Illinois had caught and released a 30 1/2-inch walleye a couple of days earlier. Jon and his buddy, Cutler Laube from South Dakota, had a double hook-up of a couple of nice 23 1/2 and 24-inch walleyes.  Cutler also caught a 24-inch sauger.

They celebrated Dan’s 62nd Birthday on Saturday night, gifting him a life jacket and having a fish fry–as you can tell by his smile, the Captain really enjoyed it. They all saw the Captain do his weekly statewide show, the Montana Outdoor Radio Show from the Fort Peck Headquarters, as well.

At the end of every fishing day, they would sit around the campfire and sort out the day’s activities.

It was Walleye Heaven at the Headquarters, for sure!

Check out this release video they took amid all of the Fort Peck fun:

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