By Montana Grant

Posted: July 9, 2023

Earth is in constant change. Our planet has an orbiting moon, as we both revolve around a dynamic and changing star. That’s a lot of things in motion. It’s not a surprise that Earth changes during the process.

Currently, there seems to be a concern about a flip-flopping magnetic pole. This means that our molten center of the Earth may realign. The molten iron shift could alter North and South.

Today, Magnetic and True north are several degrees apart. The Magnetic North and South poles have shifted. The sun is also going through a decade of huge solar flares and increased temperatures.

When we look at the fossil records of the Earth. We can begin to learn that magnetic pole flips seem to happen every 200,000- 300,000 years. Our last recorded flip was 42,000 years ago. Some researchers say that the last flip was 780,000 years ago and a new one is due.

As you can see, there are plenty of predictions. Some are based on facts and others are not. Religious scholars say that a magnetic flip happened when Noah set sail. Massive earthquakes, floods, and devastation was the result. The fossil records do not show this.

Mass extinctions have occurred, but not from magnetic field flips, but rather earth colliding with an asteroid or comet. Predictions of world destruction, storms, earthquakes, floods, and disaster are prevalent.

Our Earth’s magnetic field has weakened over the past 170 years, by 9%. The weakening is continuing but predicted to stabilize in 300 years. Hopefully our Onyx and GPS technology , used by outdoorsmen and anglers, will keep up with the changes.

These time frames are tiny in the big picture of the Earth. If you laid out a timeline across a football field the amount of time that humans have been on the Earth would be a thin, tiny line. Our Earth is resilient if the Sun holds out. As much as some folks want to blame Earth’s change on human occupation, the truth is that what will be will be. Earth is always changing.

If a worldwide crisis happens and includes a Super volcano, Montana will never know it. Old Faithful and the Yellowstone Caldera will explode in a flash. We will never know that it happened.

I hope that I am hooked up to big trout if the Earth ends.

Montana Grant

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