By Montana Grant

Posted: July 6, 2023

The trend of people moving to Montana may be changing. According to the National Census numbers, more people are leaving Montana than are moving here. Big Sky Country is certainly an amazing place, but it may not be for everyone.

Many Montanans came from somewhere else. Early pioneers migrated to Montana. I became a Montanan over 25 years ago after leaving Maryland. My home state is America in miniature but somewhere I have already been. Change is healthy and new places offer new adventures and fun. As we age, Montana may seem like a harder and tougher place to live. It is just not for everyone.

Folks are leaving for a variety of reasons. Some have cashed in on the high cost of housing and real estate and are taking their huge profits to try another place. Others feel a need to return to their previous homes to care for family seniors. Others are moving to further their careers and find better salaries. Montana has become an expensive place to live with job salaries that are not in line with the high expenses.

Not everyone cares about hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventure. Some prefer places with more or less snow for skiing and Winter sports. Others enjoy longer gardening seasons. Montana fits for some but not all.

The idea that the Grass is Greener somewhere else is alive and well. Montana Winter is also brutal. The contrast between Summer and Winter is dramatic and not for everyone. This seems to be the case for people that escaped California to move to Montana. If you do not appreciate Winter sports and sever cold, you will quickly return to your comfort zone in California.

Montanans are moving to.

Washington State    Many folks originally came to MT from this state. They are returning to their roots.

California    Montana became a dream, but the weather has made their choice to return to nicer weather.

Colorado    Still in the Rocky Mountains but more developed.

                Idaho    Kinda like Montana but still open for business.

Texas    Big open spaces and opportunity.

If I were to consider a move, I would select none of these states. Instead, I would look at.

Alaska    Montana on steroids.

Wyoming    Least populated state. Low taxes

                South Dakota    Lots of jobs, patriotic, plenty of diverse outdoor activities.

Kentucky    Appalachian paradise and relatively low cost of living.

Missouri    Land and housing is relatively cheap. Diverse outdoor spaces.

Oklahoma    You can get a home and a few hundred acres for the same price as a home in Bozeman.

They say that you can never go home. What you thought was home has changed. So have you. Life is short and new spaces and places make you feel more alive. Find your niche and celebrate life.

Montana Grant


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