Montana Outdoor Podcast: Buying fishing electronics is one thing, but knowing how to catch fish with it is another
By angelamontana

Posted: July 8, 2023

Having All the Right Fishing Electronics is One Thing. Knowing How to Use Them to Catch More Fish is Another! We Have Just the Guy to Teach you all about it!

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast, fishing guide and three-time Montana Walleye Angler of the Year, Jason Mundel from Ripp’n Lipps Guide Service joins Downrigger and The Captain on the podcast to talk about using fishing electronics to catch, not just more fish, but bigger fish! Having all the right electronics is of course something most every fisherman has or is working on having but knowing how to use them and how to get the most out of them rarely happen for many of us. That is why Captain and Downrigger called Jason. He truly has turned the use of fish finders, electronic maps, and imaging into an artform. The good news is he was more than happy to share his knowledge on the Montana Outdoor Podcast! If getting the most out of your electronics, finding the fish you are looking for and then catching them, interests you then you should Click here to listen this fascinating podcast

There really is something for every lake, reservoir, and large river fishermen in this podcast. Jason starts by explaining how to find fish without having any electronics and then goes trough how to use very basic electronics all the way to how to use the latest gear that can show you not only where the fish are but what the heck they are doing down there! In fact, did you know that some electronics can help you not only find the fish but find the size you are looking for? Oh, but it gets even better! Jason talks about how to use some of the more advanced gear to even help you target the species you are looking for! Yeah, it is a whole new world out there when you know how to really make your electronics work the way you have always dreamed, they could. 

Of course, Jason’s main business is guiding, and he has a whole bunch of repeat customers that rave about the days they have spent with Jason out on the water. In fact, not only is hiring Jason a great way to go catch fish but it is a great way to learn even more about how to fish using electronics. If you would like to book a trip with Jason, you can click here to call him at (406) 253-3028‬. You can also email him by clicking here. If you would like to learn more about Jason and Ripp’n Lipps Guide Service you can click here to visit his Facebook page or you can click here to visit his website.

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