What’s Going on With the Fish in Canyon Ferry Reservoir?!
By angelamontana

Posted: July 1, 2023

Downrigger Talks with FWP Fisheries Biologist Adam Strainer on the Montana Outdoor Podcast to Find Out!

Downrigger and the Captain were surprised at how big the top weight results were coming out of the recent Canyon Ferry Walleye Festival. So, Downrigger decided to get ahold of FWP Fisheries Biologist for Region 4, Adam Strainer and have him come on this week’s Montana Outdoor Podcast. Boy, did they have a fascinating discussion! One of the first things Rigger asked Adam was if he was also surprised by the top weights of the Canyon Ferry Walleye Festival Fishing Tournament. Downrigger got quite a surprise from Adam’s response! What did he say? Well, click here and listen to the Montana Outdoor Podcast to find out!

Downrigger and Adam Strainer talked about much more than just what is going on with the Walleye population and what might be in store for them in Canyon Ferry. They also talked about the state of the Trout, Perch, and Bass populations and what might be in the cards for those species as well. Downrigger even asked Adam about the new director of the FWP, Dustin Temple.

All and all the information Fisheries Biologist Adam Strainer shared in this podcast was flat FASCINATING. He not only talked about the health and possible future of Canyon Ferry Reservoir’s fish species, he also even gave a little insight as to where all those fish might be found and how you might catch them!! If you love to fish Canyon Ferry or even think you might want to fish there, this week’s Montana Outdoor Podcast is a MUST LISTEN!! In fact, Adam even invited all of you to go out with him when he goes out on the reservoir and does his netting surveys! Do you want to go!? If you would like to go you can email Adam by clicking here and let him know you are interested in going out on Canyon Ferry Reservoir with him. Be sure and leave your phone number so he can schedule a time with you! You can also give him a call at (406) 495-3263.

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