By angelamontana

Posted: August 27, 2023

This is a hard choice. How can any fly guy pick just 5 flies?  Most fly guys have dozens of patterns and surplus of their favorite flies. Some are secrets and some are pretty common. Fly boxes are often fat and full of a wide selection of flies. Many fly guys would have trouble selecting less than 5 flies that are nymphs. Terrestrials, streamers, Dry flies, or attractors. 

If you are new to fly fishing, here is a selection that will get you started. I will try to keep the selection small but effective. Here we go.

Dry Fly    the Adams dry fly, in various sizes, will make do in most mayfly hatches. I prefer a parachute version with a crystal flash post or wing. The crystal flash allows you to see the fly in 360 degrees. 

Terrestrial     This is tough. Ants probably catch more fish, year around, than any other terrestrial. Sinking ants will catch fish even in the winter. I do love my Whitlock Hoppers, and deer hair beetles. My favorite terrestrial is a black cork popper with a ginger hackle. I tied it on a popper hook in size 10-16. 

Nymph    Hairy, fuzzy, and earth tones. The hares Ear nymph can’t be beat. A lightning bug has more flash. I also like caddis nymphs since caddis are found in almost all trout waters. The Princ Nymph has never let me down.

Streamer    Wooly Buggers in black are great. I prefer them with a cone head. In green, they are deadly in lakes where damsel flies and dragon flies live. Clouser Minnows are also killers. Use various sizes and weights.

Attractor    So many trashy and flashy choices. Mop flies have become popular in chartreuse and yellow/orange. San Juan worms also work well. 

When first fishing new water, go with your confidence flies. These are flies that you have caught fish with before. The most important thing about fly fishing is the presentation. The drift and presentation need to be natural and mimic the food you are trying to use. A Cigarette butt will catch a fish if presented properly.

High Five fishing fun!

Montana Grant

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