Madison River Outfitters Fishing Report 8.13.23
By angelamontana

Posted: August 15, 2023

Nymph, Nymph, Nymph!

Hebgen: Fishing is good on the lake currently  Anglers are catching fish all over the lake, focus your efforts on glassier, less windy areas. Callibaetis season is here, and so too are the gulpers – cruising around shallow. Hanging/stripping leeches and nymphs has also been productive (more so now with the cold front that moved in).

Flies: #8 Black or Olive Simi Seal Leech, #6 Flash-a-Bugger, #6 Olive or Black Hot Bead Leech, #8 Thin Mint, #18 BBQ Baetis, #14-16 Turkey Callibaetis, #12 O.S. Buzzer, #16 Found Link Callibaetis, #16 Purple Missing Link, #16 Long Tailed Callibaetis Spinner

Inflow to Hebgen Lake: 772 cfs
Hebgen Lake Outflow: 1033 cfs
Kirby Flows: 1090 cfs

** Flows as of 8 am August 13th, 2023 **

Upper Madison: Nymphing a two fly set up will still be your most productive method right now, think smaller if you’re nymphing (#16 and smaller). Fish are feeding sparsely on PMD’s and BWO’s. Terrestrials like hoppers, beetles, and ants are also beginning to fish well as the month goes on. Streamers should move some fish in the mornings and evenings.

Flies: #16-18 Redneck, #16-18 Shop Vac, #16 PMD Split Case #16-18 PMD Loop-Wing, #14 Olive Hot Spot, #18 BWO Comparadun, #16 Purple Parachute, #16 Pink or Tan Chili-Dog, #14 Butch Sally, #16 Klinkhammer PMD, #6 Black Hot Bead Leech, #4 Olive/White Barely Legal


The Yellowstone river and its tributaries are open and fishing great! 

Madison near West Yellowstone: 407 cfs
Yellowstone below Yellowstone Lake : 2000 cfs
Gibbon: 145 cfs
Gallatin near Big Sky: 479 cfs

** Flows as of 8 am August 13th 2023 **

Gallatin: The Gallatin is low, clear, and cold enough that you don’t need to be there before 10am. Fish are hesitant to look up, but are rising in the evenings on BWO’s and Epeorus. Hopper droppers have been fishing well. Ants are beginning to fish very well with other terrestrials soon to follow.

Flies: #16-18 Shop Vac, #16-18 Green Lightning Bug, #16-18 Black Krystal Dip, #16 Pink Chili Dog, #14 Royal Chubby Chernobyl, #18 Parachute Adams, #18 Tilt Wing BWO, #16 Rocky Mtn Mint PMD, #18 Baetis Cripple, #14 Royal Stimulator, #16 Arrick’s Ant

Madison/Firehole/Gibbon: The Firehole is too warm to ethically fish. The Madison in the park has been slow. If you do choose to fish the Madison, try to get off the water by 11am/12pm. The Gibbon above the falls is still cool and fishing well. Try dries in the mornings and soft hackles during the mid-day lull.

Flies: #8-10 Partridge and Orange, #8-10 Partridge and Pheasant Tail, #14 Prince Nymph, #16-18 Frenchie, #14 Diving Caddis, #18-20 Parachute BWO, #18-20 Griffith’s Gnat, #16 Rocky Mtn Mint PMD, #16 Royal Stimulator, #14 Larimer’s Yellow Sally

Yellowstone/NE Corner: The Yellowstone is fishing well still but should start slowing down as always as august continues. Hunt around for rising cutties when you see bugs flying. The Lamar and its tributaries are all fishing well with fish looking up. Look for fish rising on Sallies, PMD’s and Drakes. Pink, purple, and red chubbies, as well as other terrestrials like will also fish well.

Flies: #18-20 Parachute BWO, #18-20 Sprout Baetis, #16 Rocky Mtn Mint PMD, #16 Butch Sally, #16 Tilt Wing PMD, #14 pink/purp/red Chubby Chernobyl, #6 Black Hot Bead Leech, #6 Olive Slump-Buster, #6 Olive/Black Crystal Bugger

We are still booking float, & walk/wade trips for the 2023 season. Give us a call if you have any questions or are looking to book a guided trip. 

Feature photo caption: MRO Head Guide Mike Loebl admiring Jeannie’s gorgeous brown.
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