MT Outdoor Podcast: Big Lake, Big Fish!
By angelamontana

Posted: August 26, 2023

The Montana Outdoor Podcast Heads to Flathead Lake in Search of Knowledge About Finding & Catching

Huge Lake Trout and Lake Whitefish!

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast Downrigger Dale and Deadeye Denny, aka, the Director of the Montana Outdoor Radio Show, headed to Flathead Lake in Northwest Montana! They met up with the new owner of Howe’s Fishing and Mo Fisch Charters, and current owner of Big Sky Fishing Charters, Chris Mischke as well as an old friend of the Montana Outdoor Radio Show, Matt McComb of Mo, Mo, Mo Fisch Charters. Chris and Matt took Rigger and The Director out on Chris’s 34-foot fishing boat for a day on the lake that they won’t soon forget! The podcast was recorded LIVE right there on the boat and both Matt and Chris really spilled the beans about how to find and catch Lake Trout (on Flathead they are also known as Mackinaw or Macks) and the Lake Whitefish (also known as Lake Superior Whitefish).

Click here and listen to this podcast! You are going to love it! You will learn the secrets to catching Lake Trout and Lake Whitefish, from where to find them, to what to use to catch them, and a whole bunch more that will for sure surprise you. Like, did you know there is a way to target just the big Lake Trout? How about the secret to jigging the right way to catch more Lake Whitefish? And Chris and Matt didn’t stop there! Chriss and Matt will give you so many great pointers and advice you will want to listen with a pen and thick pad of paper! Here are just a few of the questions you will learn the answers to; Do you know what the 5 biggest mistakes are that many fishermen make when targeting these popular fish? How hard do Lake Whitefish really fight? What fishing gear, bait and other tackle will you need to give you the most success in catching these wonderful fish? Fish on! Did the Director land that Mackinaw? Hear the answers to those and many other questions that will unlock the secret to making you a better fisherman and women! DON’T MISS THIS PODCAST!! Click here to listen now!

If you would like to email Chris or Matt with any questions just click here and they will get back you. Of course, you can always click here and Downrigger can also track down answers to any questions you may have. I you would like to book a trip with either Chris or Matt or any of the other guides that work with them. You can click here and do it online or call (406) 257-5214. Want to get lots more info? Want to see some more awesome fish and the incredible boats they use to go after them? You can click here for Howe’s fishing or Click here for Big Sky Fishing Charters or Click here for the Mo Fisch Facebook Page.

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