MT Outdoor Podcast: The Salmon Slayer shares the secret to consistent salmon catching at Fort Peck!
By angelamontana

Posted: August 12, 2023

Have You Always Wanted to Know How to Consistently Catch King Salmon on Fort Peck Reservoir? Listen to This Week’s Podcast! Bill The Salmon Slayer Will Tell You How!

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast, Downrigger and The Captain recorded the podcast live on Bill the Salmon Slayer Zahradka’s boat! Finally, the boys were able to not only have Bill tell all of his secrets to catching King Salmon on Fort Peck Reservoir, but he also showed them by catching some Kings while they were recording the podcast! You must listen to this podcast! It will reveal lots of great advice that will put those big kings in your boat. It doesn’t matter if you have never caught a king salmon or if you have lots of experience, you will FOR SURE love this podcast. We guarantee it will get your heart pumping when you hear that line zinging out of The Slayer’s reel! Click here to listen to this week’s Montana Outdoor Podcast. 

If you have questions for Bill, the Salmon Slayer Zahradka just click here to email Downrigger and he will get your questions answered by him right away. If you would like to ask The Captain any questions just click here to email him. Another way to learn about catching King Salmon is to hire a guide to take you out fishing for them on Fort Peck Reservoir. Click here to email Downrigger Dale and ask him to send you a list of guides and their contact info.  

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