Bull elk DOWN–Captain UP
By angelamontana

Posted: October 30, 2023

Sunday morning was blessed in more ways than one today for the Captain.  Up at 6, bull down by 8!

Special thanks to Joe and Cameron Moline for helping and just being great hunting buddies. Oh, we can’t forget bout Tyler and Raunita Moline, either.

The Captain and Cameron started to stalk a bull they spotted, courtesy of the full moon, before shooting light. By the time they got into position to take a 200 yard shot, the bull was broadside.  This was right at Sunrise, too!  It played out perfectly for the Captain, as he was able to use a fallen tree as a gun rest and put the first shot in the boiler room. The bull went 40 yards after the hit and dropped.  The wind was right, the distance was right and the moon was full.

…And it was Sunday Morning, And the Captain was heard to say.  “Thank you Lord for a Wonderful Day!”

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