MT Outdoor Podcast: When You are out Sighting in Your Gun are You Wearing Hearing Protection?
By angelamontana

Posted: October 7, 2023

When You are out Sighting in Your Gun are You Wearing Hearing Protection? If Not, You Could be Ruining One of Your Most Important Hunting Senses!

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast Downrigger Dale talks to Audiologist Dr Nora Martin and Hearing Instrument Specialist Alyssa Keith, from Vibrant Hearing, about hearing protection for hunters! This is an important podcast that EVERY hunter should listen to…while you still can that is! 

If you want to be an effective hunter, you need to keep all your senses sharp, and one of the most important of those is your hearing. Good hearing allows you to locate game and is often one of the first senses that alerts us to where that game is and what direction is traveling. When you click here and listen to this podcast you will learn how to protect this all-import sense that all of us often overlook when we think about shooting safely. In fact, one of the things you will learn when you listen to this week’s podcast is there are now several different types of hearing protection available now days. One of them is the Hunter Passive, these very cool ear plugs that allows\ for awareness of game and tracking dog sounds, as well as easier communication with hunting/shooting partners, however when you fire a shot, they will instantly block the sound that is harmful to your ears! If you want to see those and learn more just click here. And that is just one of the many options that Rigger’s fascinating guests talk about on the Montana Outdoor Podcast. Another VERY important topic they covered is how to protect your kids hearing. So often we forget that children’s hearing is much more susceptible to damage from loud noise like gun shots. Dr Martin and Hearing Instrument Specialist Alyssa Keith talked about some great hearing protection options for young hunters and shooters out there. Another thing they talked about was how pick the hearing specialist for you if you do not live near one of Vibrant Hearing’s locations. Rigger also talked about how the incredibly smart folks at Vibrant Hearing changed the Captain’s life by taking him from not being able to hear most conversations to now being able to hear better than he ever could before! You may have heard the Captain talk about how great he feels about that, well, except for the fact that he can now hear every word of Downriggers BS! You will also learn how you can improve your hearing if you are currently suffering from hearing loss and or tinnitus. In fact, Downrigger got so excited about it, since he suffers from tinnitus, that he scheduled an appointment with Nora and Alyssa right during the podcast! You are going to learn a ton when you click here and listen to this week’s podcast and if you do have problems with your hearing, no doubt you will end up, knowing that you still have a whole lot left to hear out there and you will realize that you can get back that all-important sense that makes you a better hunter and an all-around happier person!

If you have questions after you listen to this podcast you can click here to send the folks at Vibrant Hearing an email. You can also click here to go their website which is loaded with great information. Want to see where all their locations are and/or give them a call? Just click here to do that. Click here to learn more about Dr Martin and click here to learn more about Hearing Instrument Specialist Alyssa Keith.

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