All-You-Can-Kill Elk Permits For Ranchers Proposed in WY
By angelamontana

Posted: November 6, 2023

A proposed solution to the elk overpopulation issue in eastern Wyoming has stirred debate, as State Representative Bill Allemand, a member of the Joint Agriculture, State, and Public Lands and Water Resources Committee, suggested granting unlimited “lethal take” permits to ranchers. During a committee meeting at the University of Wyoming, concerns about the elk overabundance in areas like Albany and Laramie counties were extensively discussed. Under Allemand’s proposal, ranchers would be allowed to use these permits to cull elk on their properties, with the option to transfer them to others. Notably, for each elk harvested under this system, $20 would be directed back to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. The measure aims to provide relief to areas where the elk issue has persisted for several decades.

Read the full article by Mark Heinz via Cowboy State here.

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