By angelamontana

Posted: November 20, 2023

Hunting is a “Blood Sport”. Some hunters say that “Hunting is just in their Blood.” Finding ethical and tasteful movies about “Hunting” is a challenge. There was a time when “Hunters” were essential for a community to survive. Daniel Boone, Meshach Browning, Davy Crockett, and so many others brought home the bacon that would be shared with the entire tribe or village. 

Movies about hunting are an acquired taste today. Hunting is no longer as important to non-hunters that can buy their fish and game from grocers. A minority of Farmers supply the rest of their needs. Hunting and gathering happens less often and with fewer people because of other options to get what humans need to survive. 

Many hunting movies have a theme of humans hunting aliens, or predators hunting humans, or humans hunting humans, or… Few films are truly about hunting. 

Here are some films that hunters will enjoy and learn from.

The Edge   Survival becomes vital when stranded outdoorsmen are being hunted by a grizzly.

Tembo    Howard Hill, one of the greatest archers, hunts in Africa. 

Far Horizons    Fred MacMurray and others search for the NW passage. This Lewis and Clark themed film is a historical favorite.

Escanaba in Da Moonlight    Jeff Daniels is in the film about 5 hunters at a Michigan hunt camp. 

Alone in the Wilderness    Dick Proenneke builds his cabin and survives in Alaska. 

Last of the Mohicans    the first several minutes of the film show a great eastern elk hunt sequence.

In The Blood    The film traces Teddy Roosevelts African hunting safari in the late 1800’s.

Jerimiah Johnson    Robert Redford does a great job of showing survival in the Rocky Mountains. Will Gere has an amazing mentor role. 

The Bear    A grizzly is being hunted and survives the cruelest outcomes. Not much talking in this unique film.

The Ghost and the Darkness    Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer must hunt predatory lions in this African thriller. 

The Mountain Men    Charleton Heston and friends survive living in the west. 

Night of the Grizzly    Pioneers face a grizzly bear that does not want to be disturbed.

Land    A woman leaves civilization to survive on her own.

You can find many videos and YouTube shows about hunting, but few films have ever captured why humans really hunt. The Sport of Hunting is not for everyone. The best parts of hunting are the memories, anticipation, and adventure. Modern hunting has changed. Fair chase, technology, access, and expense have made Hunting into more of a Hobby and trophy sport. Hunters now “Harvest” their food or tag out. Meat is enjoyed or donated to soup kitchens. 

Killing is not the only measure of a successful hunt. Great hunters have and develop skills that help them survive life. Patience, organization, planning, preparation, communicating, and being a student of the sport makes them ethical sportsmen. 

Hunt hard, Hunt harder!

Montana Grant

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