MT Outdoor Podcast: Black Butte Copper Mine, Is it Right for Montana’s Outdoors?
By angelamontana

Posted: November 4, 2023

Black Butte Copper Mine, Is it Right for Montana’s Outdoors? Downrigger Asks Some Tough Questions and Gets Some Surprising Answers!

This week on the Montana Outdoor Podcast your host Downrigger Dale talks to Nancy Schlepp, VP of Communications & Government Relations and Jerry Zieg, Senior Vice President of Black Butte Copper. Rigger had heard all kinds of rumors about this proposed copper mining project near White Sulfur Springs for years, some good and some bad, and then he got emails from listeners asking that he investigate it by going straight to the source with his podcast microphone. So that is just what he did, and boy was he surprised, so much so that he already has plans to do a part 2 to this podcast, right at the mine site! 

When you click here to listen to this week’s podcast you will learn a TON about the Black Butte Copper project. Things like; how far along is this project? Is there a pending decision coming from the Montana Supreme Court? Are the nearby waterways of Sheep Creek and the all-important Smith River going to be at risk? What kind of effect, if any, will it have on the wildlife in the area? How many people does Black Butte Copper currently employ? When it is up and running how many people will it employ and how much will the average miner make? What about infrastructure for the town of White Sulfur Springs, who will help pay to increase the size of things like schools, hospitals, etc.? And those are just some of the questions that Downrigger asked Nancy and Jerry. This just might be one of the most important podcasts you will listen to this year so DO NOT PASS THIS ONE UP and for sure, SHARE THIS PODCAST WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

How about you, do you have questions about all this? Well, first listen to the podcast and then click here to get a snapshot of the Black Butte Copper project. To learn more about this week’s guests on the podcast, click here to learn more about Senior VP Jerry Zieg. If you have questions for Jerry, click here to send him an email. To learn more about Nancy Schlepp click here. If you have questions for Nancy just click here to email her. If you would like to browse through the Black Butte Copper website, which is very informative, click here. As always, your old buddy Downrigger would love to know what you think of this podcast and he is always looking for suggestions for topics for future podcasts, so click here and send him an email

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