By angelamontana

Posted: November 11, 2023

Learning is great fun. Going to school teaches you how to learn. They use math, science, history, and so many other subjects as the platform to teach us How to Learn. 

Every time that we make a mistake, there is an important opportunity to learn what went wrong, and what you need to do to make things right. Taking ownership of a Big Fat Mistake is the first step to getting smarter. If you are a Bull Head, the opportunity to learn will be lost. 

Every sport has “something” that needs to be learned first. When you learn that first something, the rest of the lessons will fall into place. Here are some first lessons that great outdoorsmen and women need to learn first!

Camping    Plan, prepare, and think about comfort.

Hunting    Safety First! Weapons and places we hunt are dangerous. 

Fishing    Learn How to Swim before you go around water.

Bird Watching    Comfortable binoculars are critical.

Hiking    Good boots and socks prevent blisters.

Skiing    Snowplow first, then learn how to fall. 

Off Road Biking   Go slow at first. 

Wheeler riding    Start simple before you go mountain climbing. 

Boating/canoeing/kayaking    3-point stance to keep your balance.

Fire building     Have a bucket of water on hand just in case.

Shooting    Safety first. Know what’s down range.

Photography    Get close, then get closer.

The best First Thing is to simply get outdoors and celebrate what makes Montana so wonderful. Outdoor adventures and experiences are supposed to be FUN! If it isn’t, you are doing it wrong.

Montana Grant

Be the best learner that you can be!

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