THEN CAME BRONSON!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: November 23, 2023

First times only happen once! As we grow up, we get to enjoy special hunting and fishing firsts. Catching your first fish, tagging your first critter, enjoying your first hunting camp, drifting your first river. Back in the day there was a tv show called “Then Came Bronson”. The character traveled the country on a motorcycle looking for new firsts. Bronson Stovall is doing the same, without the motorcycle.

The Bad news is that “Firsts” only get to happen once. The good news is that there are plenty of firsts!

Bronson Stovall has had a great First hunting season. His family are dedicated hunters, fishermen, and sportsmen. Their meat menu rarely includes store bought meat. Grandma Stovall has a forest full of tasty ways to cook the wild harvests that the boys bring home.  

Some parents hold off on Firsts for a later time. Many Firsts need to be earned. Age often determines the best times for which Firsts. Making Firsts special is important. This is often the job of good parents and Mentors. 

The Stovall family is full of experienced hunters and fishermen. Grandpa Kirk, “Shrapnel”, is always on hand for good advice and support. Bronson’s Dad is also on hand. Because of this, Bronson has been set up for hunting success. 

Bronson has been a tag a long for several years. He has witnessed the hunts but has not pulled the trigger until this year. After seasons of supervised training and safety lessons, Bronson was ready to take his first shots. In each instance, a mentor was on sight and over his shoulder. 

Having an audience watch and support your Firsts can be intimidating. Ridicule, negative comments, and unsupportive actions can make a negative lifelong impression. What happens if you miss, fail, or make a mistake? Supportive, and encouraging behavior and comments can do the same.

First Kills are a traditional and historical moment to be celebrated. Native peoples and hunters have performed this ritual for generations. Now it’s Bronson’s turn.

This year began with Bronson Bellying up to help deal with a Bull elk. He did not shoot it but did willingly join in to help deal with the huge animal. This showed his maturity and growth as a young man and a hunter. 

Next, he tagged his first turkey. Grouse and Huns became the next targets for the young hunter. His latest first became a Mule Deer Buck!

The family hunt traveled to Havre in search of deer. Bronson was First up with a young fork horned buck. Its hard to understand how to react to many firsts. Fear, joy, excitement, and sadness all surface during these moments. Taking a life is an intimate and personal responsibility. Giving thanks is important. Becoming a responsible hunter begins with these first moments. Its important to have Mentors on hand to sort out these moments. 

Family First!

Montana Grant

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