UNCLE BUCK!!! by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: November 12, 2023

Bird dogs are the best! My son in law has a Brittany that he named “BUCK”.  He was not always the best boy and chewed through limits of shoes, socks, toys, plants, and… Buck was a busy boy. The first few times I saw Buck hunting, he was in his own world. 

When my Grandson came along, he called the rambunctious pup “Uncle Buck”. They were buddies and have been growing up together. 

Not all bird dogs start off great. It takes a few years to focus on birds. Uncle Buck had several encounters with snakes, skunks, racoons, and ground hogs. He has scars to prove it. And herds of other varmints and critters. It took him awhile to tune in on Sage grouse and pheasants. 

Many dog owners have a similar story to tell. Young pups fail to deliver until they mature. They may point every tweedy bird in the back yard but rarely stumble over gamebirds in the field. Uncle Buck was no different.

At the age of 3 things changed. Suddenly, no wild game bird was safe from Buck’s nose. His retrieves became consistent, and his love for hunting improved with every day afield. Uncle Buck figured it out.

Great dogs will eventually be great once the owner figures out their quirks and personality. The bird smelling skills are there, they just need time to surface. The more time afield, the better the dog will become. Sometimes it seems like the dogs need to train the hunter.

Basic commands are where the control begins. “Sit, stay, whoa, come, and NO” will be repeated thousands of times until the dog figures it out. Once the connections are made, the bird dog becomes a hunting machine. Patience and repetition are essential to realize that moment. 

Hunting birds without a dog is not the same. The partnership of a hunter and their dog is amazing. When the pup drops the bird in your hand, the bond keeps growing. It never gets old. 

Uncle Buck has figured it out and almost daily hunts keep Buck ready for action. I can’t wait for my young pups to do the same.

Montana Grant

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